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Authors and contributors needed. Click here...
Authors and contributors needed

We are interested in hearing from authors who have manuscripts or ideas about Eastern Front topics. All submissions will be considered.
Click here to send us your idea or to discuss your manuscript.

Translators: The services of anyone who can accurately translate text from German > English or Russian > English would be greatly appreciated. Many projects are still in the planning stages because translating the texts from their original language is a time-consuming process. Therefore, even help with one chapter would be helpful.
Click here if you wish to help with translation.

Photos: Thousands of unique and interesting photos reside in the albums and archives of private collectors, and it is a great pity for history that most of them are never seen. If you have photos that you think should be shared and published, then why not contact Leaping Horseman Books and let us know about them for possible use in one of the upcoming Soldier's Lens volumes. Photos from the album or collection of a single soldier are preferred as they show the war from the perspective of an individual. However, if a single photo is exceptional, it could be used in a photo compilation book.
It is not necessary to send original photos. Hi-resolution scans of the photos are ideal. All photos would be fully credited. If possible, any information known about the men, unit, locations, personalities, vehicles etc. shown in the photos would be extremely helpful because detailed captions will accompany each photo.
Click here if you can help with photos for publication or if you want more information.

Information: Any information about Stalingrad, whether it be about the German or Soviet forces, would be greatly appreciated. The library of Leaping Horseman Books contains almost every published book about Stalingrad written in English and German, and also a sizable portion of Russian-language literature about the battle. Therefore, the type of information sought are things such as original documents, Feldpost letters, unpublished memoirs, diaries, Soldbuchs, maps etc.
Click here if you can help with information.

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